Business and Operations

Headshot of David DeJong
David N. DeJong
Senior Vice Chancellor for Business and Operations
Zach Harris
Office Manager
Stennetta Hunter
Administrative Coordinator
Julie LaBar
Executive Director of Marketing and Communications
Victoria Lancaster
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Operational Excellence
headshot of Gretchen Linsenbigler
Gretchen Linsenbigler
Executive Assistant to Dave DeJong
Melanie Lippert
Communications Specialist
headshot of Rebecca Roadman
Rebecca Roadman
Chief of Staff
headshot of Melony Sacopulos
Melony A. Sacopulos
Associate Vice Chancellor for Capital Financial Management
Laura Zullo
Director of Administration

Office of Business, Hospitality and Auxiliary Services

Headshot of Julie Bannister
Julie Bannister
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Auxiliary Services
headshot of Jamie Constantino
Jamie Constantino
Administrative Assistant to Matthew Sterne and Project Coordinator
head shot of Jackie Gillespie
Jackie Gillespie
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Hospitality
Headshot of Monica Rattigan
Monica Rattigan
Executive Director of University Stores and Strategic Initiatives
Headshot of Kevin Sheehy
Kevin Sheehy
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Auxiliary Operations and Finance
headshot of Matthew Sterne
Matthew Sterne
Vice Chancellor for Business Services
Headshot of Matthew Walaan
Matthew Walaan
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Auxiliary Business Administration and Maintenance

Office of Facilities Management

Headshot of Scott Bernotas
Scott Bernotas
Vice Chancellor for Facilities Management & Acting Vice Chancellor for Planning, Design and Construction
Headshot of Dan Fisher
Dan Fisher
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Operations & Maintenance
Headshot of Dan Marcinko
Dan Marcinko
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Administration

Office of Human Resources

Headshot of Mark Burdsall
Mark Burdsall
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Consulting Services
Headshot of Nichole Dwyer
Nichole Dwyer
Director of Communications
James Gallaher
Vice Chancellor of Human Resources
Headshot of Lisa Garland
Lisa Garland
Director of Talent Acquisition
Headshot of Paula Gray
Paula Gray
Executive Assistant
Headshot of Jason Killmeyer
Jason Killmeyer
HRIS Director
headshot of Melissa Kluchurosky
Melissa Kluchurosky
Director of Benefits
potrait of kim kushon
Kim Kushon
Director of Administration
headshot of Maureen Pastin
Maureen Pastin
Director of Compensation
Yvonne Powers
Director of Employee and Labor Relations
Laura Schmid
Director of Shared Services
headshot of Jamie Wincovitch
Jamie Wincovitch
Director, University Child Development Center

Office of Planning, Design and Construction

Gina Bleck
Vice Chancellor for Planning, Design and Construction
Tom O'Toole
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Project Management
Carolyn Verga
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Campus Planning

Office of Public Safety and Emergency Management

Robert Chamberlain
Emergency Coordinator
Headshot of Maureen Conrad
Maureen Conrad
Assistant to Chief of Police
Rachel DeCello
Director of Administration
Headshot of Shawn Ellies
Shawn Ellies
Commander, Pitt Police
Headshot of Jay Frerotte
Jay Frerotte
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Environmental Health and Safety
Ted Fritz
Vice Chancellor for Public Safety and Emergency Management
Headshot of Robert Holler
Robert Holler
Commander, Pitt Police
Headshot of Holly Lamb
Holly Lamb
Deputy Chief, Pitt Police
Headshot of Chief James Loftus
James Loftus
Chief of Police, Pitt Police
Bill Santa
Safety Director
Tina Torquato
Assistant to the Vice Chancellor
Ed Watt
Service Coordinator, Integrated Security
Todd Williams
Director of Operations, Integrated Security

Office of Real Estate

Headshot of Jodi Cardone
Jodi Cardone
Director of Real Estate
Marnyn Donis
Executive Assistant to the Vice Chancellor
Anish Kumar
Vice Chancellor for Real Estate
Headshot of Matthew Rendulic
Matthew Rendulic
Director of Real Estate Development
Andy Stephany
Director of Administration

Office of Sustainability

headshot of Jennifer Barnes
Jennifer Barnes
Supplier Diversity and Sustainability Coordinator, Purchasing Services
Headshot of Samantha Chan
Samantha Chan (Ford)
Assistant Director of Sustainability
headshot of Nick Goodfellow
Nick Goodfellow
Sustainability Coordinator, Office of Business, Hospitality & Auxiliary Services
Headshot of Gena Kovalcik
Gena Kovalcik
Co-Director of Administration & External Relations, Mascaro Center for Sustainable Innovation
Headshot of Aurora Sharrard
Dr. Aurora Sharrard
Executive Director of Sustainability