Business and Operations encompasses the central operational functions of the University, with a dedicated team of over 1,100 staff members committed to providing world class foundational services that support, sustain and inspire success at Pitt. Learn more about ongoing Business and Operations projects, driven by operational excellence. 

Construction and Renovation Projects

The University continues to progress on campus improvements that will benefit Pitt community members for decades to come, transforming facility offerings, expanding amenities and supporting economic growth in the region, from the new Campus Recreation and Wellness Center to Hillman Library and Alan Magee Scaife Hall renovation projects. 

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Strategic Advisory Body

Business and Operations fosters an environment that prioritizes an inclusive sense of belonging where all University community members are welcomed, supported, and affirmed. The DEI Strategic Advisory Body was created to serve Business and Operations leaders with guidance and best practices to foster continued, positive change.

Shaping the Workplace

The University’s Office of Human Resources embarked on an initiative to identify the broader workplace environment that it wishes to shape and maintain. The foundation is a framework that characterizes the workplace as viewed through the lens of a prospective employee that is considering Pitt as a potential choice among competing alternatives, or a current employee with options for alternative opportunities.